If you could go back in time and meet your beginner yogi self, what would you say? What words of wisdom or bits of advice would you share about the practice?

I’ve been teaching for over five years now, and when I think back to those first days, weeks, and months in front of my students, I have to smile. My teaching, like my practice, has evolved and grown and helped shape me. It’s also gotten stuck and bored and uninspired.

All of those normal moods and temperaments we move through off our mats can find their way onto the mat. I’ve learned that while life can step in and create clutter, the more time I dedicate to movement on my mat, the easier it is to climb my way out of the clutter.

Your Practice Grows with You

Four years ago, however, I probably would have told my beginner yogi self to get off her ass and get moving no matter what. That’s the side of me that was always striving for more, that poked and prodded, telling me I wasn’t enough.

As time went on, that voice softened. I’ve learned to mold my practice to my life and moods. I’ve learned to pay attention to what my body needs. I now recognize when I’m being lazy and need that extra push, or when I’m emotionally or spiritual exhausted and need to take a legitimate break.

My yoga happens all around me now, and this is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my practice. Here are my top five bits of advice to new yogis…