Saturday, February 15 @ 6pm

Join us for a heart-opening gathering to celebrate universal love. We will connect through the magic of a sacred Cacao Ceremony and Kirtan.


Cacao Ceremony and Kirtan

Led by Atom Rose

Cacao has been used for centuries in central and southern America for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes.

A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to connect to yourself and open your heart. Whatever your path, the intention is yours to set, and the cacao allows you to the insight and awareness to move towards that goal. During this ceremony you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient mantras of Kirtan led by Aton Rose.

*no kirtan experience needed and all attendees will be given handouts to guide them through the Kirtan mantras

Pre-register:  $200pesos/pp or $350pesos/couple
Door:  $300pesos/pp or $450pesos/couple

About the artist

Ganesha Atom Rose was raised in a family of healers, artists and alchemists which set the tone for much of his work.

After living in Europe with his family for part of his youth, Atom set his travels through Latin America where his love for music, food, literature, healing plants, sacred modalities and indigenous wisdom blossomed.

Atom grew up in a musical household, always making up his own music and learning the classics. He attended Cal State Unversity Northridge’s, Music Industry Studies program. He still plays and tours with various groups, including his own,  The Beautiful Noize. He has a passion for teaching and sharing the joy of music. His ability to engage people to tap into their own innate creativity, self-expression, extends to children as well as adults. He continues to teach and lead workshops around the globe. Featuring group work, empowering games to find ones own unique talents and voice.

The combination of the human voice, poetry, drumming, guitar (other stringed instruments), didgeridoo, binaural beats, hemi-sync, soundscapes, icaros, kirtan are all energies that he draws deeply from and continues a lifelong exploration of.  Weaving his own inner song for the vibrations that life brings is what he lives by and shares with others.

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