200hr Aligned Flow Method


Sacramento/Placerville, CA and Tulum, Mexico


The world has shifted and in keeping with this shift, we have expanded our YTT offerings to provide more opportunities for those seeking to embark on a personal transformation.

From start to finish, our program will equip you with everything you need to be a successful, inspired yoga teacher. Your journey through our Hybrid program begins in Placerville, California at 'The Meadow Yoga Studio' where we’ll immerse for 10 days of study. You’ll have a break to get back to life and complete homework assignments before joining us for a 10 day immersion at our home base studio in Tulum, Mexico to complete your program.

This immersive program follows the Aligned Method of education, developed by Richelle Morgan, which will provide you with the ability to deepen your practice and become a knowledgeable, inclusive and confident leader. Take the next step in your journey and join us for a transformative and inspiring experience.

*Upon successful completion of this 200hr immersion, you will graduate equipped to teach Aligned Flow vinyasa classes and will qualify to register with Yoga Alliance and/or Yoga Alliance Professionals. 

*BRIDGE PROGRAM FOR TEACHERS: this hybrid program is also available as the Bridge Program option for certified teachers.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a yoga teacher, deepen your connection to your practice or supplement your teaching toolbox, our comprehensive programs will transform how you move on and off the mat.


March - June 2022
Placerville, California: March 1 to 10
Tulum, Mexico: June 1 to 10
Lead teacher: Richelle Morgan
Assisted by: Dee Ortalan
September - December 2022
Placerville, California: Sept 1 to 10
Tulum, Mexico: Dec 1 to 10, 2022
Lead teacher: Richelle Morgan
Assisted by: Dee Ortalan



“The teacher training was a wonderful experience. The program that Richelle designed is deeply rooted in her respect for alignment and protecting her students bodes to they can experience a lifelong practice. I graduated inspired with an excellent foundation of hands-on teaching in the classroom, clear cues for postures and a newfound respect for the individuality of each students practice.”

1.  Fill out the online registration form
2.  Secure your space by submitting the $500usd deposit
3.  Check your inbox for confirmation email
4.  Start preparing for your immersion
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