Capture your yoga experience with Tulum's nature & urban landscape as your incredible backdrop. From beach shoots to cenotes. Town murals to studio bookings.


Have you reached a new milestone? Mastered a posture? Or would simply like to capture your yoga with Tulum as your backdrop? Whatever your inspriration, celebrate your practice with a professional photo shoot. 

When you invest in a professional, you’ll have the opportunity to create intentional and mindful photos guided by your personal photographer for the shoot.

Our job is to go beyond the posture and find what makes you shine through our lens. We work with you to create a vision and then let the magic happen. So it’s not about the ‘perfect posture’ or appearing flawless, it’s about capturing what makes you unique and creating a beautiful portfolio of moments and memories.


We are yoga teachers who love to share our passion for capturing special moments with our clients. And because we practice what we capture, we have the ability to adjust so that you look amazing in each posture. 

*travel fee may apply to certain packages
*shared photo shoots: 2-4 people max
*for larger group shoots, events or extended package options, please message us at