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Inspired guidance starts with you. Our Aligned Flow and Embodied Teaching immersions were created to empower students.

We take a different approach to yoga teacher training and have created immersions that allow you to chose the path you want to develop.

Whether you want to delve deeper into your yoga practice or become a yoga teacher, our training immersions will take you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, expand your knowledge of yoga, advance your leadership abilities, and give you a deeper understanding of topics that are often missed in other trainings.

  • Open to all levels, ages and lifestyles
  • 100, 200, 300 and 500hr certifications
  • Led by Aligned Flow & Embodied Teaching trained teachers
  • Inspiring destinations to give you the ability to immerse without distractions
  • Online and ongoing support before, during and after 
  • 'Yoga gives back' initiatives and work with Pesos for Paws
  • Supportive, inspired community based learning

"Attending the Aligned Flow Teacher Training immersion was one of the best things I ever did for myself! I didn't realize it would change my practice and make me fall in love with the purpose and teaching aspect of yoga! Amazing teachers and their enthusiasm for sharing yoga with others was contagious. "

What is the Aligned Flow Method

Your training is rooted in the Aligned Flow Method. An intuitive style created by studio owner Richelle Morgan and inspired by her years working with clients in the holistic wellness industry.

This style began to take shape during her years as a personal trainer. And she developed it further after graduating from teacher training and delving into the challenges she faced with traditional cues, alignment and postures. In her own body and those of her students and clients.

The Aligned Flow Method is an inspired blend of asana, Vinyasa flow, functional alignment principles and inspired transitions. Classes are guided in a way that makes sense to the body. With attention to the subtle nuances found in postures and transitions.

We pay attention to how the body moves and what needs to happen to get you where you and our students need to go with grace, strength and mindfulness. As a student, this allows you to discover how the postures and practice fits your body… rather than you trying to fit a one-size-fits-all style or posture.

As a teacher, this helps you give your students clear, direct cueing and information they need to build a strong foundation and flow through transitions with grace. You'll learn how to cue in a way that makes sense to your students and gives space for your own individuality.

The end result is more than just a yoga class. It's a yoga experience.

Our Teacher Training programs are recognized by Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance Professionals and Yoga Alliance UK and open to all levels and ages.

Embodied journey + transformation

We are committed to providing a supportive and inspiring experience. Our goal is to guide you through your journey while creating space for personal growth.

Our programs are led by a collective community of teachers who have been where you are and have been personally mentored by Aligned & Embodied Teacher Training creator, Richelle Morgan. You will be supported, encouraged and guided through your chosen program by teachers who are passionate about living an aligned and embodied life and who want to share their knowledge, experience, inspiration, humour and intuitive teachings with you.

Immerse yourself in the study and practice of yoga and experience the ability to delve into self-study, spiritual and physical growth while becoming a part of our beautiful community of graduating teachers.


Yoga Alliances + certifications

Our Yoga teacher training programs are part of the globally recognized organizations Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance Professionals and Yoga Alliance UK.

In 2019 we will be transferring all of our certification programs to Yoga Alliance Professionals due to their standards in certifications and how they choose who qualifies.

When applying for a teaching job, many studios do not require that you are aligned with any of the yoga alliances and there is a shift that is happening where many recognize that registering with Yoga Alliance does not indicate level/skill of teaching or teacher. What will land you that teaching job is how you stand apart from others and that is where our standards and teaching methods come into play.

We want to prepare you to audition or apply for teaching jobs with confidence. Whether they are in a studio or resort setting or you are creating a private yoga client base. The cues we teach based on the Aligned Flow Method and what we bring to the experience for our students is what will help you move ahead in your career and life.

Our graduates teach world-wide in studios, private training facilities, resorts, etc. And we have graduates that now assist in our YTT programs. We know that you can’t learn everything in the amount of time you are with us, because the teaching of this practice is a lifelong journey. This is why we have created a solid foundation of community support through our facebook group and online mentoring. Your lead teachers, assistants and the creator of this program, Richelle, will be available to you for as long as you need. We want you to succeed, this is our passion, and we hope to be a part of journey each step of the way.

Are you ready to elevate your practice
and transform your life?

Faculty & guides

Richelle Morgan founder of Pesos for Paws and creator of Yoga Dicha Studio in Tulum

My first taste of yoga was watching VHS tapes in my bedroom because yoga was still somewhat on the fringe back then, and studios were not on every corner.  And I was hooked!  I had never felt anything like it!  In 2005, I took my first TT, and realized that I was not just stepping into some poses, but exploring a whole lifestyle.  In my training, I was introduced to Thai Massage and two months later, I enrolled in massage school.  I graduated massage school in 2007 with over 1200 hours and specializations in Thai Massage, Relational Somatics and Craniosacral therapy.  
These last 13 years of practicing, learning and teaching yoga and thai yoga massage has been a wonderful journey, full of beauty and challenges. I’ve traveled to India and Thailand to deepen my practice and learn from my teachers. And attended multiple trainings, workshops and retreats.  I have happily and passionately shared yoga and massage with thousands of people across this big blue planet!

TEACHING STYLE: I strive to be open, and listen and let the wisdom of my body, and of our bodies speak.  I will forever consider myself a student and continue learning and growing and evolving with this sweet gift of breath and movement, of yoga and massage.  

YOGA OFF THE MAT: Travel and sharing my love and passion for this craft with my students.


After years of theatre and performing arts I discovered hot yoga practice and it changed my life. I moved to Mexico in 2013 and studied to become a certified yoga teacher. Once I became certified, I started traveling. From California to Madrid, Amsterdam, Colombia, Florida, Costa Rica I worked as trainer, retreat teacher, interpreter and chef.
My love for the practice and the people continuously brings me to looking for new experiences, where I can grow and humbly make steps foreword in my path.

WHAT DOES DICHA MEAN TO YOU: To me dicha means to evolve, a transformation, a new way to face life finding a light in every step of our path. It’s to embrace every experience with love and compassion. Yoga Dicha is where you can grow and are not alone. 

Dee Ortalan
Teaching Assistant

Stefanie Voight
Teaching Assistant


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