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Our tribe is an amazing community. A group of talented and world-class teachers that come together under one roof to share their experience, knowlodge, humor and stories. Our tribe is our family and once you step into our space, you become a part of that family, too.

*Our teachers are all certified through recognized schools of yoga and have undergone additional training based on our Aligned Flow Method

Richelle Morgan



My journey started over 15 years ago as a personal trainer. Movement had always been a part of my life and the transition into yoga was a natural and much needed one. The shift into teaching and practicing yoga came at a time when the stress of running my business had wreaked havoc on my body, mind and spirit. Yoga played a starring role in healing my body and helping to manage an auto-immune disorder. It also led me to the beaches of Tulum where I hosted my first yoga retreat in 2010.

This was a life-changing experience that set the wheels of change in motion. Two years and three yoga retreat later, I made the decision to pack up my life in Canada and drive via motor home to Tulum with my cat and dog as co-pilots. What was meant to be a short stay morphed into 2 years. My adventures in Tulum have led to the opening Yoga Dicha Studio.

TEACHING STYLE: is based on the Aligned Flow Method and Foundation that I developed.  Strong, playful and mindful with attention to alignment and deep connection to the heart. Be prepared to sweat, explore, and laugh.

YOGA OFF THE MAT: Travel, exploring new places, food... these are like moving meditations to me. But my biggest yoga off the mat moments come from my work with Help Tulum Dogs (local animal welfare org.) and nurturing the pups I foster before they're off to forever homes.

Audra Patterson


Yoga has led me to find freedom on a physical as well as a spiritual level. Ever since I started practicing almost 20 years ago I realized that yoga offers something different from other disciplines. Since then I have been able to open my body, heart, mind and spirit with deep connection, and I am more than thrilled to share this with others.

TEACHING STYLE:  Connecting breath with movement is extremely important to me, and my classes are creative, smooth and sweet but also strong and introspective. I am constantly searching for new ways to explain alignment with clarity and purpose while respecting the living and forever-changing aspect of asanas.

Irene Romano


After years of theatre and performing arts Irene discovered the hot yoga practice and changed her life. Moved to Mexico in 2013, she became a yoga teacher. First teaching to kids then hatha flow. Once she got her certification in hot yoga, she started traveling. From that moment she never stopped. From California to Madrid, Amsterdam, Colombia, Florida, Costa Rica as trainer, teacher, interpreter and chef.
Her love for the practice and the people continuously brings her to looking for new experiences, where she can grow and humbly make steps foreword in her path.

WHAT DOES DICHA MEAN TO YOU: To me Yoga Dicha means to evolve, a transformation, a new way to face life finding a light in every step of our path. It’s to embrace every experience with love and compassion. Yoga Dicha is where you can grow and are not alone. Where your breath resounds with who’s next to you and your true Self can shines.

Josephine Foxall Dant


With years of self-study in philosophy and practice, in 2014 Josephine began teaching a daily class whilst living in a mindfulness and healing community in Colombia. In the following years after gaining further training in Yin and Vinyasa with the Yandara School in Hawaii, she has continued to teach in San Gil, Colombia, as well as Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Sayulita, Mexico and now at Yoga Dicha Studio.

TEACHING STYLE: she aims to bring the heart of mindfulness into her classes. Tending towards a Slow Flow, her classes are based on grounded alignment, movement with breath and expanding awareness. It’s all about the balance of Yin and Yang.

Julia Kothe


Julia Kothe is a passionate yogalover from Germany. She studied psychology for three years but decided to combine this knowledge with holistic healing approaches. Julia completed her 250 hour Hot Yoga training in Tulum in 2016 and it completely changed her perspective, her body and her outlook on life.
For her, the practice of yoga is practice for life. Yoga brings benefits not only to physical and mental areas but also opens up new spaces in a spiritual way. Yoga inspires Julia because it teaches her about the relationship with herself. In turn, she can apply this knowledge to her relationship with life and others. Teaching yoga means inspiring others to tap into that knowledge, promoting growth, acceptance, mindfulness, love and light. In her classes she loves to combine a Vinyasa Flow with Bikram postures, finishing with a dose of Yin as a transition into Savasana. 

"When I had nothing to lose, I had everything. When I stopped being who I am, I found myself"  - Paulo Coelho 

Gloria Medellin


Sharing my practice with all of the beautiful people that I meet at the studio has become my favorite thing because I reaffirm my passion and love for this philosophy. Teaching allows me to observe myself, to remember to breathe and let go and relax. I remember to enjoy life and to give all my love with every word I speak. I remember that we all share the beautiful trait of being human and everything is perfect just the way it is. Most of all, I remember that love is the path to transform our lives.

TEACHING STYLE: Gloria came to yoga after years in the corporate word left her feeling drained and sick. She studied 200hr Hatha Yoga in India and completed her second 200hr certification in the Aligned Flow Method at Yoga Dicha Studio in Tulum. She blends hatha and alignment with conscious meditation, pranayama and soulful words from the heart.


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